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The Favorites, West Hunt Highway, San Tan Valley, AZ, USA

3 months ago

1745 West Hunt Highway, San Tan Valley, 85143 Arizona, United States

I got a shrimp burrito ask for no cilantro as I’m allergic. It was like they soaked rice in it and burrito was way spicy. Took two bites could taste cilantro and my tongue started to swell. What a way to get my whole family and friends not to visit this place again! | Symptoms: Other, Swelling


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I bought a small box on 9/4/21; expiration date 12/19/21. I baked six of them one day and ate them with no problem. The box remained in the freezer. On 9/8/21 (last night) I baked the remaining nine and shortly after eating them I had very sharp... See More stomach pains followed over the next four hours by diarrhea and then vomiting with continued diarrhea. This morning my stomach was still rumbling and while the worst is over, I still do not feel well. Prior to eating the snack, I had not eaten anything since lunch several hours earlier. Given the immediacy of the symptoms, it seems likely the pizza rolls were the culprit. I will toss the unopened box currently in the freezer and have decided not to buy them again. | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Vomiting, Stomach Pain See Less

My son woke up shortly after eating his sandwich feeling extremely dizzy. He went to the bathroom, threw up at least half of the sandwich and had extreme diarrhea.
It was the Smokehouse Brisket. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Other, Dizziness See Less

Had gotten a chicken chalupa from there the night before around 10pm. Woke up the next day around 4-5am throwing up, diarrhea, and sweating with a fever. Along with stomach cramps. Have been throwing up and using the restroom every 2 hours now. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Other, Fever, Cramps, Sweating See Less

Bought chicken- ate it and the very next day was sick as a dog- 2 days later still am. Kids ate it and both stayed home from daycare because of horrible stomachs paiN | Symptoms: Stomach Pain See Less

We ate a twin Lobster roll and fried Clam strips and my family immediately had stomach ache and diarrhea, it was horrible. Not sure if it was the Lobster or clam strips but not a good experience. Lobster was cold. We were food poisoned after ordering on... See More doordash. 3 ppl in my family had severe stomach aches, diarreah and I felt chest pain near my heart shortly after. | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Stomach Pain, Chest Pain See Less

Boneless skinless chicken breasts fresh Made chicken shish kebobs on grill Monday night. Me my husband and 3 of our 5 cats who also enjoyed the chicken. About 12 hours after we ate the meal | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Headache, Dizziness, Chills See Less

Exactly their deli meat or a chicken sub at a different location , 3 of us a day after consuming  | Symptoms: Vomiting, Nausea, Diarrhea, Fever See Less

Seemed like unsanitary conditions inside behind the counter and back wall. Bloood everywhere. Meat and blood all over the walls. Open ketchup and mustard containers next to raw meat. Blood all over the floor. People are allowed behind the counter (not just the employees) as the employees... See More are cutting meat. This was really extremely concerning...... | Symptoms: Nausea See Less

Have eaten from this location many times before, but this time it got my 1 year old daughter, my 9 month pregnant wife (which required a trip to the Dr followed by the hospital) and then me. They ate doughnuts while I was at work and then... See More I ate one that day and felt off, well when they got sick that night I ate some more to confirm source. Well source confirmed. 2/14/19 - 2/18/19 | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Fever, Nausea, Vomiting See Less

Tried 2 meals and after each one was very nauseous. Next morning still nauseous. Throwing out the remaining meals. Already canceled subscription! | Symptoms: Nausea See Less

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Mexican torts rolls from bakery Sunday ate rolls and about 3-4 hour after my husband felt slightly ill. My daughter ate roll on Tuesday and 2-3 hours later was sick. Today I ate a roll for breakfast and 1 hour later get very sick 
Sunday and today 9/1 | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting See Less

I ordered the Buffalo chicken bowl and a spin drift soda. By 4:45 I had a strong urge to use bathroom. I could not hold it and ended having explosive diarrhea. Never had I had an accident before this event. Ate nothing after that just hydrated with... See More water. Then right now at 2:38 my stomach started making noises and twisting rushed to bathroom again and same thing. Earlier I had twisting pains and upset stomach all night. Won't be eating there again! | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Stomach Pain See Less

Butternut squash soup hot chocolate that wasn’t even hot and the cucumber tomatoe salad  30 minutes just me got sick I only got food for myself   I ate the food and then sit on the couch on my phone and all the sudden my stomach starting to... See More hurt really bad and I had to get off the phone and run to the bathroom and it was explosive I do feel better now though
Now  | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Stomach Pain
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The FSAI announced the recall of certain batches of Kiri Creamy Labneh Cheese Spread due to the presence of the unauthorized pesticide ethylene oxide This pesticide is not authorized for use in food sold in the EU. Although the consumption of the contaminated product does not pose... See More an acute risk to health, there may be health issues if there is continued consumption of ethylene oxide over a long period of time. Therefore, exposure to this substance needs to be minimized.

The recalled product is:

- Kiri Creamy Labneh Cheese Spread, batches: CH0571E Best before: 24.09.21, CH0621E Best before 29.09.21, CH0751 Best before 12.10.21.

This product was distributed in Ireland.

In case you are experiencing food poisoning symptoms, it is important to report it. It can help to detect & resolve outbreaks early and prevent others from being harmed, and it enables better surveillance.

For more recall details check on FSAI website:

Source: FSAI
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My husband and I ordered two different grain bowls for lunch yesterday. He didn’t eat a lot of it due to thinking the texture or consistency was off. I ate more of mine. Around 5 hours later, he started feeling nauseated for a few hours. Around the... See More time he started feeling better, I developed intense pain in my stomach, it felt very inflamed. I spent the night and all day today dealing with food poisoning including vomiting and inability to keep fluids in. The two bowls we ordered used the same rice, raw spinach, and avocado. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting See Less

After I finished my dinner, I felt so nauseous and after around 1 and half hours, my husband started vomiting and diarrhoea for 7 hours and I started extremely nauseous and throwing up and diarrhoea for 14 hours and I’m still feeling very sick and tired till... See More this minute,
Please check this place and make sure nobody else gets food poisoning like us.
The staff was friendly and nice and food was delicious but I’m so sorry to say it was contaminated.
What I got last night are:
Bir parca kuzu Kusle
Bir parca bonfile lo
Bir Parca kuzu pirzo
Yogurtlu biber ( I think it’s contaminated)
Gavurdagi salata
Girit kabagi
Kuzu cop sis adet
Buyuk su
Ikram karpuz
Please, make sure this has to get ride of contaminated food ASAP | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting
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I believe it was the potato soup I bought from there I am the only person who ate the soup. About 2 hours after I got diarrhea non stop. | Symptoms: Diarrhea See Less

9/2 food court pizza- few hours after both wife and I started to feel sick. Nausea and vomiting | Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting See Less

Cantal burger eaten at 7pm. 1st symptoms at 11pm.
White night
Vomiting, nausea, headache and especially diarrhea. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Headache See Less

Company name: SFC Wholesale
Brand name: SFC
Product recalled: The Original SFC Bargain Box
FSA Recall date: 09/07/2021
Recall details: SFC Wholesale Ltd is recalling The Original SFC Bargain Box as it contains milk, which is not mentioned on the label. This means the product is a... See More possible health risk to anyone with an allergy or intolerance to milk or milk constituents. This product is only sold in Sainsbury’s stores.

- The Original SFC Bargain Box (700g) Best before: All dates up to and including 30th September 2022.

If you have bought the above product and have an allergy or intolerance to milk or milk constituents, do not eat it. Instead, return it to the store from where it was bought for a full refund.

This product contains milk making it a possible health risk to anyone with an allergy or intolerance to milk or milk constituents.

Check the full recall details on

Source: FSA
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