McCart Avenue, Fort Worth, TX, United States

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
McCart Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas, United States
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McCart Avenue, Fort Worth, TX, United States
“April, 30tn, 2017 I ate around 9:00 pm. Me and my little sister ate wings, I ate the lemon pepper, count (08) little sister ate original hot, count (06) both bone in. After I ate, I went to my room, started snapchating, telling my views, how my day had went. Exactly at 10:57 pm I started getting nauseous. I told snapchat how I didn't feel good. The feeling did not go away, I kept burping the wings. At 2:04 pm I had rushed to the restroom to vomit the wings. I went back to bed still feeling nauseous. I pinched my wrist, (I good way to keep the nauseous feeling away) 5:35 am on Monday, I went to my mothers room, saying how I had diarrhea and vomited. She commented that my little sister had vomit too, around 1:00am, we had a tea of herbals. To clean our stomach. At 7:00 am I started to get fever, cold, and shaky. 10:56 am I still continue to have diarrhea.”
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