Sakura Japanese Buffet, Southwest Federal Highway, Stuart, FL, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Southwest Federal Highway, Stuart, 34994 Florida, United States
Sakura Japanese Buffet, Southwest Federal Highway, Stuart, FL, USA
“We eat there all the time. Decided to go for dinner as we were in the area. I ate some dishes I normally dont eat but am in no way sensitive to- just different stuff they had out than lunch. I did notice that some of the sushi rolls appeared old- maybe from lunch or even a day old. Not the usual case here- so probably from lunch. Woke up the next morning and went to walk my dogs and was nauseous. Had diarrhea. I did end up doing some things that day ( Tues 116) but at 14 speed and just felt very ill. Had to sit and often had to stop as I felt I was going to puke. The next day I had to call out of work bc all I did was sleep. The night before I had severe muscle aches before I went to bed. I wasnt sure it was the place at first- I thought maybe I had gotten a bug. But I had eaten nothing else and then looked up the symptoms. I was finally able to eat solid food 3pm on Wed but had a headache. Anyway. Poked around and found this site. I didnt want to flame them on social media as I really used to like it there but not so sure Ill be back. I cant afford to be missing work. Not to mention feeling like utter crap.”
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