Wingstop, Walerga Road, Antelope, CA, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Walerga Road, Antelope, 95843 California, United States
Wingstop, Walerga Road, Antelope, CA, USA
“I ordered the boneless lemon pepper, rolls and veggie sticks with a small soda I had dr. Pepper. I also got a side of BBQ sauce. This was about 4:30 ish. I ate inside with my mom. She didn't order the same thing. We finished and it was about 5:30. I went shopping in the Bel air next door and ordered a coffee because I tasted something gross in my mouth. but I only drank a few sips because it suddenly felt like indigestion ( I think I spelled that wrong) and I kept burping. I felt a little nauseous. When I got home I kept going to the bathroom but I couldn't really go. I had abdominal cramps though so I kept making my way to the bathroom. Smells threw me off, and I continued to burp a lot. I was trying to relieve the pressure. Like I said I thought it was indigestion. Then I got the chills I wrapped myself in my house coat. I had a headache. I feared perhaps the flu so I took tylenol and benadryl about 9:30. I went to lay down at ten ish. Almost as soon as I got horizontal I felt the need to throw up. I didn't make it to my bathroom. But because I feared the flu I had a vomit bag. It's now 10:25pm.”
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