AMC Century City 15, Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA


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I ordered the Chicken strips and a small popcorn (salt, with butter) and got very sick that night. My friend who ate the same thing, also got very sick that night. Read More


So last night my cousin and I decided to watch a movie at this done in theater that I am quite familiar with. We ordered food and non alcoholic beverages. Upon leaving the theater we both decided we felt really weird. Our bodies felt very heavy and we had trouble focusing. We get home and it continues all the way into the morning. Read More

May 6 1:22am

AMC CLASSIC Apple Blossom 12, 1850 Apple Blossom Dr, Winchester, VA, USA

Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting


Popcorn and/or butter, Myself and two children ate a small popcorn with butter. The butter was self serve island. That night my 4 year old son threw up all the popcorn. He continued to throw up a day later and then developed diarrhea , My daughter threw up 3 days later and all three of us have diarrhea now 7 days later. My wife who didn't join us at the movies is perfectly fine. Read More


I ate popcorn and drank iced tea at 7 pm. Diarrhea started at 1 am. My son and my mother in law also reported stomach cramps. Read More

Dec 20 8:58pm

AMC Bay Street 16, Bay Street, Emeryville, CA, United States

Symptoms: Diarrhea Vomiting


Pizza and hot dog, Happened to me and my friend. It is the only same meal we had. Read More