BIBIBOP Asian Grill, East Broad Street, Columbus, OH, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
East Broad Street, Columbus, 43213 Ohio, United States
BIBIBOP Asian Grill, East Broad Street, Columbus, OH, USA
“Nov. 10, 2018 I got Vomiting & Nausea right after eating Korean Bibibop bowl that smelled & tasted off from before when ate there. Food did not taste fresh & didn't smell right. How long ago was this food actually prepared or cooked? It was like it could've all been spoiled with bad bacteria instead of just fermented with good bacteria. Also unlike before the workers were strange acting and not nice, even rude with their noses turned up. The place was always used to be crowded with happy customers enjoying food, but this Saturday only 2 other,customers were there. It's 4 days later and I'm still sick. And I'm constantly tasting a nasty spoiled taste coming from my throat to my mouth & a nasty spoiled smell on my breath even after days of brushing teeth and mint mouth rinsing and numerous peppermints. I'm getting scared, hope I'm better tomorrow. It was the day before Veterens Day so people are wondering if the food was contaminated or poisoned on purpose. BEWARE!!!!!”
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