Cookies, Food Pantry, North Dakota, USA

Poisoned 1 month ago
North Dakota, United States
Cookies, Food Pantry, North Dakota, USA
“I recently moved into the apts.I have cookies that were poisoned, I got them from a food pantry, in town.however,the is 4/15/2020,I got them on 4/4/2020. i opened them up as soon as i got home.and started eating them,with no problem.the problem is,i left at least 4 cookies, in the plastic original container.approx.5 days later i opened up the plastic wrap and began to eat them. I ate one cookie, and I became "very"light headed,to the point of almost "fainting ".I still have cookies remaining,that I hope can be tested.I hope ,that someone, could actually "test"the remaining cookies, to confirm that some one tampered,with this food product. that's when I became very ill. I had opened the pack of cookies 5 days ago.and everything was fine. I put the remaining cookies on top of the shelf,in my kitchen. approx.3 says later I opened the cookie container, and began to est one.all of a sudden, I got "extremely light headed",and began to "sweat profusely "!mind you,this was days after I initially opened the container.”
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