McDonald's, Galleria Drive, Johnstown, PA, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Galleria Drive, Johnstown, 15904 Pennsylvania, United States
McDonald's, Galleria Drive, Johnstown, PA, USA
“At 1130am I ordered a double quarter pounder value meal. One of the two patties was completely under cooked showing bloody pink. I did not realize how undercooked the burger was until I got to the center and I took pictures. At approximately 3 PM I started feeling discomfort followed with diarrhea. I am also diagnosed with Crohns disease which eating raw or red meatsfruits really makes me feel ill. At 3 PM after going to the bathroom a second time you could noticeably see the sesame seeds in the toilet. I called McDonalds to let them know and ask how I should proceed with no direction from them.”
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