Papa John's Pizza, York Road, Towson, MD, United States

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
York Road, Towson, 21204 Maryland, United States
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Total all time sick persons: 2
Papa John's Pizza, York Road, Towson, MD, United States
“I ordered one large pizza and 16 chicken wings. After I began vomiting along with my girlfriend, I recognized this as common food born illness due my training in serv safe certification and culinary school. the GM called me back on his personal cell phone and not only told me I had no right to record the phone call, but attempted to hard ball me into going to the hospital and not pressing the issue further. Corporate is currently closed, I will immediately be going to the hospital for a stool sample, and suing when the results come back if a simple im sorry or we will try harder is not issued. How hard is this? I told the manager several times I was not interested in this route, only to assure me his cooks would wash his hands, he then lied to me about procedure and who handles food as I have previously worked at Papa johns. This GM at York not only refused to give his name, attempted to intimidate me, forced me down this route as multiple times I told him I was not interested in anything besides an im sorry, as I even said I wanted no free food. These incidents happen in the industry and this individual is clearly not only inept when it comes to basic management, but un able to use common sense of apologetic attitude rather then intimidation of customers. If this is not rectified, I will take legal action. Papa johns corporate is currently closed and I only have 24 hours to make a stool sample and claim with the CDC. I DO NOT WISH TO DO ANY OF THIS!!! The behavior of your GM has CAUSED ME to take this route. If I do not receive a penitence phone call, an apology, or some kind of follow up, I will take every extension of the law for this. absolutely outrageous. Why this man is employed is beyond me and he is a disgrace to the food industry. 24 hours”
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2 people had — diarrhea and nausea