Starbucks, Daly City, California, USA

Food Poisoning 4 months ago
Daly City, California, United States
Total all time reports: 3
Total all time sick persons: 3
Starbucks, Daly City, California, USA
“I ordered a venti misto latte with half and half milk. After a few sip, I started to have nausea and only 5 min later started to vomit, in a very violent and painful way. I vomited 5 times in 30 min, was sweating, all my body was shaking. I was so pale, I took the drink home, therefore I can't tell if more people were sick. After 2 sips, I started to feel nausea and after 5 min, I started to vomit violently.”
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1 person had — vomiting and nausea