Walnut Creek Black Bear Diner, Bancroft Road, Walnut Creek, CA, USA

Food Poisoning 11 months ago
Bancroft Road, Walnut Creek, 94598 California, United States
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Walnut Creek Black Bear Diner, Bancroft Road, Walnut Creek, CA, USA
“On September 18, 2018 our 57th Wedding Anniversary we drove to Walnut Creek , Ca
to a meeting and afterwards around 2 P.M.
we had lunch/dinner at the
"Blackbear Diner. I had a small cup of soup,
some onion rings and for dessert a
big "Blueberry Cobbler". This Blueberry Cobbler looked "funny" , the Crust was so hard I had to cut it with a knife, usually the cobbler crust is real Flaky.
The Blueberries didn't even look like
blueberries it actually looked like
MUSH. I love sweets and started to eat
this blueberry Cobbler when I told my
husband to take a bite. He looked at me
and said--Don't eat any more of this cobbler it takes real strange and not at all
good. Well I finished it any how.
On our way back from Walnut Creek, CA to
Roseville, Ca where we live for over 35 years. All of a sudden I got so sick I asked
my husband to gho off the HWY. which
he did. My whole body just shook I vomited and vomited until nothing big green vile came out. I could hardly wait to get home and just fell into my bed.
For two weeks I was in bed so terribly
sick. Going down to Walnut Creek I was
perfectly fine in big spirit up-beat
I also just two weeks before had my
Physical at Kaiser and was told again that I am in exellent health. All 8 of my Lab-Work turned out Perfect
So why all of a sudden I got so sick
It seemed like my body was in Total Shock. I also need to mention, that I was
born with Severe Food Allergies. I never
was able to drink alcohol because the
Sulphur in Alcohol could kill me.
Mhy whole life I had to watch what I eat
I never had a cigarette in my mouth
no alcohol. When I ate that Blueberry Cobbler it could have killed me.
I did call the Manager at "Blackberry Diner" to tell him what happend to mne.
He sounded concerned and said he wlould let the owners know.
About a week after I received a letter from the Blackberry Diner that they are
the Insurance Company for Black Diner.
I MNEVER suit any one and I have no intension
to sue the Black Diner, but for All I went through I thought I would like some kind of Compensation, I NEVER received a reply!
I also send them a letter but no reply!!
I am still having tests done, medicine etc
What are my options? I do not believe
in suing any one, but I still at times can't keep my food down.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting