Zatarain's, C Concourse, New Orleans International Airport, LA, USA Food Poisoning

Poisoned 9 months ago
900 Airline Drive, Kenner, 70062 Louisiana, United States
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“April 26, 2018. Wife ordered Jambalaya to take on flight to Seattle. Food was not very warm and she only ate about 1/3 of order. By the time we got to Seattle she was very ill and remained so during next flight to Anchorage. Suffered severe diarrhea and vomiting and too nauseated to eat or drink for more than a day. Saw Doctor and she was tested for a variety of illness (all test negative for viral infection). Doctor stated symptoms were consistent with food poisoning most likely from mishandled or undercooked poultry. Too over 10 days for her to begin to get back to normal.”
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Doctor Visit : Yes

Diagnosis: Food poisoning consistent with undercook poultry

1 person had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting
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LN 2018-06-05 04:48
Were you given Cipro or other fluoroquinolones class of antibiotics? Those cause long-term severe side effects and most doctors are either ignorant or don't bother to warn patients about it. FDA only recently admitted about the side effects.