Chipotle, Whitehall Street, NYC

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Broadway, New York, 10004 New York, United States
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Total all time sick persons: 2
Chipotle, Whitehall Street, NYC
“I ordered a bowl of brown rice, chicken, some tomatoes and lettuce. The fountain drink was lemonade. This was on May 3. A half hour after I ate I felt nauseous but attributed it to the fact that I hadn't eaten all day. I had an appointment to go to but cancelled it and came home where I spent the rest of the night and the following two days dry heaving, feverish, chills and non stop diarrhea. I thought at first it was a flu germ but nothing I attempted to eat or drink would settle for very long. I told my nephew's girl friend how sick I was and she asked me what I ate and where and she told me two of her friends had gotten sick at a Chipotle's in midtown Manhattan two weeks ago.
I did not seek medical assistance and was finally able to mend myself slowly with ginger tea w/honey and yogurt. I forgot to mention that I urinated non stop even though I hadn't ingested any liquids in 24 hours. The ordeal was a nightmare.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, fever and nausea