In-N-Out Burger, Compton Avenue, Corona, CA, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Compton Avenue, Corona, 92881 California, United States
In-N-Out Burger, Compton Avenue, Corona, CA, USA
“‘‘Twas a late night drive thru visit. Around 12ish. Got my regular doble doble with onions, animal fries, and a neopolitan shake. Literally right after finishing my meal my stomach was making this weird noise and hurting a lot. It’s been around 3 hrs and not only am I mega bloated but the stomachache has increased highly. Also got mild levels of nauseas too though am fighting it by indulging in chamomile and lots of hot water. Honestly I knew in my gut I shouldn’t have gone there but my bad habits and cravings won and here I am paying the consequences. In n out might taste good a couple of times but that’s about it, health wise it sucks. Here’s an example. When you buy fresh potatoes to make ‘french fries’, what do you get? If you compare that to their fries, I’m sorry but that stuff they give saying it’s 100% potatoes ain’t it. Marketing is one thing but truth. Seriously you don’t have to be a pro in nutrition or health science to see that their food is not natural and fresh. It’s sad.”
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