LHVC Resorts Residence Suites, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Food Poisoning 8 months ago
Puerto Plata, 57000 Puerto Plata Province, Dominican Republic
LHVC Resorts Residence Suites, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
“Four of us visited this place. Over the course of our week stay their, each of us became varying degrees of ill. My mother, in particular, got a case of diarrhea so badly we needed to go to the on-site doctor and get her an IV because she was so dehydrated. Best we can tell, despite our best efforts to avoid ingesting the local water (which we knew was not safe) the coffee pot in our room was washed with tap water, not filtered water, and so she got infected that way. I ended up with cramping and stool troubles a few days in, resulting in a steady diet of pepto bismal to keep myself functioning, my brother caught a bad throat infection from sources unknown, and on the flight back, my father also had explosive diarrhea, which he contained by downing anti-diarrheal medication, and is now vomiting the morning after.

I have no specifics on further cases, but on the one excursion I went out on there were three other people who had gotten sick with diarrhea. It was a group of 27. Symptoms began around the 10th and 11th of June, it is now the 16th, and most of us are finally starting to do better.”
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4 people had — diarrhea
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