Jerusalem Shawarma Norovirus Outbreak first reported on

Outbreak 2 months ago
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Jerusalem Shawarma Norovirus Outbreak first reported on
“ helped the community of Calgary Alberta, CA spot a likely Norovirus outbreak. Customers began reporting the 16th Ave N.W location of Jerusalem Shawarma on Dec 5th and the Alberta Health Services began their investigation on Dec 6th. The AHS has made 5 inspections at that location and 27 inspections overall to all Jerusalem Shawarma locations with more follow up inspections planned.

AHS states that the outbreak was likely do to Norovirus contamination, but major food safety violations were spotted during inspections including food held at unsafe temperatures, inadequate hand wash facilities and the cleaning of equipment not being done in adequate detail.

As of today we have collected 28 reports citing 140 diners sick and we continue to receive reports. This success in helping protect communities shows how much reporting matters. Reporting food poisoning on has helped stop other diners in Calgary from getting sick. If you are sick please speak up and report now.

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