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Toronto, ON, Canada
Symptoms: Diarrhea, Vomiting, Nausea
On the evening of Sunday 18th October just before my meal I consumed 3 Moringa seeds. Approximately two hours after eating I became more and more nauseous eventually vomiting violently several times. At 4am the next morning I awoke and had to go to the washroom where I stayed for about half an hour with diarrhea. That day I felt ok but a little delicate and as the week went on I got back to my normal "cast iron" digestive system.
I had suspected three things that I had eaten as the cause. A ham and some beets, both of which I threw out. The Moringa seeds were the third suspect.
I have eaten Moringa seeds before with no issue but this was a new package from a source I hadn't used before.
I decided to try them again to see wether they were the culprit and I waited until Saturday 24th Oct as I wasn't having to go to work the next day unlike the week before.
I had my evening meal and this time I consumed two seeds after my meal. Within an hour it became obvious that it was the seeds that were the cause. My symptoms followed the same as the previous week. Violently sick after two hours and again diarrhea four or so hours later.
The seeds were from and purchased online.
— Reported By User October 25, 2020 11:59 AM