Brookwood Farms, Josh Birmingham Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28208, USA Food Poisoning

Poisoned 2 weeks ago
5501 Josh Birmingham Parkway, Charlotte, 28208 North Carolina, United States
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“On February 19th I flew into Charlotte airport from Newport News, VA and during my layover I went to the restaurant and ordered the pulled pork barbecue plate with some sauce with green beans and mac and cheese and unsweet tea at about 7:15pm or so. I don't normally get the extra sauce so of course the barbecue tasted a bit different but I wasn't sure if it was due to the sauce since it really didn't taste awful in such a way that it was repulsive. By around 8:30 or 9:00 I began to get hot and clammy feeling a bit yucky and nauseated. After boarding an American Airlines flight scheduled for Manchester and shortly after departure I became violently ill during the flight. I had to use the vomit bag in the seat pocket, make several trips to the lav, request a larger plastic trash bag in case the lav was busy. I had to clean the lav twice because I barely made it a couple of times and had gut wrenching projectile vomiting the entire fight to Manchester. My clothes caught some vomit during an episode or two on board the plane. I continued to have vomiting episodes at the Manchester airport after exiting the plane and again trying to get my luggage at baggage pickup. After getting my rental car, I contemplated the Emergency Room or my hotel where two of my business teammates were. At this point, it was after midnight and I had a 45 to 50 minute drive to the Homewood Suites in Portsmouth New Hampshire. I made the drive to the hotel. Upon arrival at the front desk for check in; I immediately starting heaving violently again in the trashcan nearby in front of the check in attendant . I had to call a colleague to come down and park my car. I was just too weak to do it. The vomiting went on up in my room until 4:30 am in the morning. I was unable to work or fly home until Friday mid morning on February 22, 2019. I dealt with dehydration, fatigue, and some diarrhea. I noticed that when the pork came back up; it had a peculiar taste to it like it had spoiled. Thank goodness for the hotel staff and my work mates getting me what I needed to nurse myself enough to recover enough strength to return home to Newport News, VA that Friday. I was unable to work the whole the week.

I'm not sure if this related to this episode but on Feb. 27th while asleep; I started experiencing burning and sharp pains in my right foot. I proceeded to hobble that Thursday at work and take that Friday off and go to Patient First. Initially, I was mis-diagnosed with planter faciatis. By Sunday, March 3rd I was officially re-diagnosed by the Emergency Room in Virginia with a full Gout attack in my right foot and again out of work for a week getting that under control. I'm a 46 year old female w ho never had a Gout symptom before. I believe the food poisoning and subsequent dehydration, etc. brought it on. This episode of food poisoning no doubt was the worst I've ever experienced.”
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