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Food Poisoning 1 year ago
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“I flew Delta on the 21st of February and the 28th of February. I ate the Crave snack box. Tomato juice and coffee on my first flight I landed at 1 p.m. And was puking at 4 a.m. My return I landed at 4pm and was puking the next day at 2pm. The whole week I was in Palm Springs my stomach was sour and it was hard to eat. So my return trip , I got the Crave box again no coffee got the tomato juice. As a test. BIG MISTAKE! I figure anything in a can and everything packaged like Wheat Thins and Cheez-Its and Milano cookies would be safe. I assumed it was the coffee or the container it was prepared in. Looks like it's either the tomato juice or the crave box. My guess is the Crave box. I hope all of you do not experience what I did on both Delta flights”
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