Red Lobster, Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX, USA

Food Poisoning 10 months ago
Northwest Freeway, Houston, 77040 Texas, United States
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Red Lobster, Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX, USA
“My husband and I went here for my birthday meal. Husband ordered the lobster mac& cheese and I ordered a steak. Around 4-5 hours later he began having stomach cramps and then horrendous sickness and diarrhoea. This lasted for hours, he couldn’t even hold down water and had such a high temperature & was so dehydrated that we ended up going to the emergency room for an iv and medicine. I notified Red Lobster as soon as they opened about the food poisoning and then after the hospital visit to let them know the doctor confirmed that it was food poisoning. The only thing my husband had eaten that day was some bday cake as he was saving himself for a good meal that night so we know 100% Red Lonsger was the culprit. I was told on the phone by their manager that they would cover the medical costs...their insurance company claims it wasn’t food poisoning because the lady who was dealing with the case “took an online course about food poisoning and it doesn’t start as soon as it did” - 4-5 hours after he has eaten?? Um, I think perhaps she needs more training on that one and I also didn’t realise an online course now meant she was able to make medical diagnoses!! Appalling place, avoid like the plague unless you want to be ill for days! It took my husband nearly a week to recover.”
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