Earl of Sandwich, Disney Springs, Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA


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Nov 21 12:46pm

Earls Kitchen + Bar, Campus Tower, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Symptoms: Diarrhea Fever Nausea Vomiting

Report Type: Food Poisoning


Ate the Cajun Chicken Cheddar sandwich. Felt not great 2 hours later and then while I was at work (4 hours) it got much worse and I was throwing up and had a fever. By the time I got home (5-6 hours) I was having diarehea and vomiting at the same time along with a fever and abdominal cramps. I didn’t get a hard look at the middle of the Chicken but it seemed fine I don’t think it was undercooked I think it had gone bad. My friend had 2 bites of my Sandwich and was having diarrhea and he said that when he looked the Chicken was cooked. Read More