Mudpuppy's Cafe at Point Isabel Dog Park, Isabel Street, Richmond, CA, USA

Poisoned 2 years ago
Isabel Street, Richmond, 94804 California, United States
Mudpuppy's Cafe at Point Isabel Dog Park, Isabel Street, Richmond, CA, USA
“I had not eaten since dinner last night. Ate BLT (lettuce, bacon, tomato, bread with mayo, no pickle) around noon, onset of problem around 4:30. Had a sealed bag of Lay's potato chips (traditional) and the sandwitch, no other food or beverage. Went on long walk to further section of park, used restroom, drank small amount from water fountain, started walking back to entry way of park, then sat on bench on middle path to read. Was there several hours while dog ran about. As I prepared to leave, experienced sharp pain that I assumed was gas only it got a LOT worse. Started to leave, then thought I might pass out so returned to bench. Finally started back towards entry way, bending over with pain 5 or so times. Waves of nausea and then to evacuate bowels. Made it to car but was unable to stop leaning on my car's hood, vomited and lost bowel control. Bowels quite loose, partially digested BLT reappeared. A number of people offered to help me, for which I am grateful. One woman accompanied me to the toilet. I am afraid I shat all over the toilet seat. I cleaned all carefully despite my miserable condition. My clothing is, of course, ruined. One of the fellows who regularily trimmed my dogs' toenails came out after seeing me be ill and while I was using the toilet, cleaned up the vomit. I called the manager,, who stonewalled me, starting with doubt and talking over me. This is why I am reporting this incident as I don't think that he took me at all seriously, instead trying to avoid dealing with the situation. One wonders if this is not the first incident. I have eaten there for several years. There is a "new" crew these past months. I asked for NOTHING! I don't want anything but he was not listening and tried to tell me that since I had not opted to go to the hospital, I had "no proof". This is a dangerous stance. I hope that you look into this asap. I bet he's over there thoroughly cleaning to get rid of any evidence. I did tell him that since he wasn't listening to me (he gave me an earful about what a bad person I was for objecting to his attitude), I would definitely report this. Thank you for helping keep us all safe. Many years ago a friend had to have part of her stomach removed due to food poisoning (in Michigan). Another died. It is a serious issue.
Walked with great difficulty about 1/4 mile to the car parking area, leaning on fence periodically.”
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