Panda Express, New Center Point, Colorado Springs, CO, USA Food Poisoning

poisoned 1 week ago
2850 New Center Point, Colorado Springs, 80922 Colorado, United States
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“Picked up a meal on my way home from work. Orange chicken, steamed rice, cream cheese wontons. Ate around 5:30pm. By 9:00pm, I had fever and chills and was vomiting violently. I thought I got it all out, even though my stomach was still upset, but I figured it was just soreness and aching from the violent episode. I cleaned up and went back to bed. By 10:45pm, I was awakened with chills and sweats again and vomited violently AGAIN. I feel like the lining of my stomach has been ripped out! This is awful! And I fear it isn’t over yet! Never again, Panda!”
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1 person had — fever, nausea and vomiting


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