Panera Bread

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
South Washington Street, North Attleborough, 02760 Massachusetts, United States
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Panera Bread
“About a week ago from today (2/15/16) I went to Panera Bread to buy late lunch/dinner to-go. I ordered a mac and cheese in a bread bowl for myself. The mac and cheese was put into a separate bowl to avoid making the bread soggy before I was ready to eat it. It didn't occur to me at the time but the mac and cheese had a different smell and a bit more of a sour taste that I had remembered. Before I could take a 3rd bite the pit of my stomach began contracting forcefully and I found myself kneeling over the toilet vomiting the mac and cheese I just tried to eat. Thinking bread could help I ate the soft parts of the bread, however, that did not help only caused me to vomit again. Since that day, I'm having trouble holding some foods down. I'm staying hydrated and avoiding any heavy foods, but I am still vomiting once, sometimes twice, a day.”
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