Applebee's, East M 21, Corunna, MI, United States

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
East M 21, Corunna, 48817 Michigan, United States
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Applebee's, East M 21, Corunna, MI, United States
“Dinner with a friend on Wed, March 9th. 7:30pm
Both had chicken and a salad both sick by Fri evening. I ate all of my food. I had thee worst pain, cramps, vomiting violently and uncontrolled painful diarrhea till following Sunday morning. Lost 8lbs and was about to go to the ER but Sunday started to feel on the mends. My friend wasn't as bad. She didn't eat all her food but she did have a fever, which I don't believe I did but I never took. Next to us that same evening was a bday party of people we knew. Their daughter and grandma also said that were sick by Fri. My friend I ate there with, her daughter ate at Applebee's that same wed afternoon and was also sick, as bad as I was. She was seen by the Dr. And had the same food, chicken. It was the worst thing I've ever experienced and did not resemble any stomach bug. So painful! Loss of 8lbs and it's Sunday morning. I can barely stand I'm so lethargic. I pray this is not as huge as I suspect. Chicken is a popular menu item. I am 41 and like I said it wasn't a normal so called bug. Please take this seriously, thankyou Jodi Mallory.
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