Chipotle Food Poisoning

Poisoned 3 years ago
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“My husband and I ate at this Chipotle location, last night. In fact, for my birthday dinner. About 6-7 pm. Felt fine until I woke at 4am with stomach pain and nausea. It comes in waves. Couldnt sleep anymore. Thought it was getting better, after a few cups of tea and water. Tried my usual breakfast smoothie, couldn't drink much before I felt super sick. It's 11am and still feeling horrible, nauseous and shivering. Usual home treatment measures haven't been working. FYI I had my usual order last night, a veggie burrito. Nothing different except I did notice the guacamole looked odd, brown in parts. Maybe it sat out too long or got too old? This is not fun, especially on my birthday. My husband did mot eat the guacomole. Wonder if anyone else who did is having this reaction now?”
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