Dunkin' Donuts, U.S. 1, Stuart, FL, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
U.S. 1, Stuart, 34997 Florida, United States
Dunkin' Donuts, U.S. 1, Stuart, FL, USA
“Had coffee, egg on multigrain bagel, cream cheese on multigrain bagel. Was ok until @ 2 or 3 hours later. Problem I see there is that employee did not where plastic gloves when preparing, cooking, handling the food and immediately after coming in from being briefly outside, touching the door handle and immediately helping the customers -- which involved handling the money and then handling the food and cooking. The place is very busy. The employee was nice enough, but very busy, as there was only two employees, one of whom had just finished washing the floor and was busy elsewhere. That place needs at least 3 employees -- one of whom should just be taking orders at the counter and via the headphones for the drive-thru customers and for handling germ-crawling money. It also needs that 3rd person to periodically clean the entire front counter which becomes 'grungy' from all the touching, drips, money laid down on it, etc; quite revolting to naturally observant people. I don't won't to go there again. The food is unhealthful, anyway, so it's probably a good thing that I finally got sick from the place. There are no such things as healthful fast-food and semi-fast food chain establishments, anyway. I know better than to go there, but I was temporarily without choice in this part of town.”
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