Sango, Southwest 160th Street, Miami, FL, USA

Food Poisoning 4 weeks ago
Southwest 160th Street, Miami, 33157 Florida, United States
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Sango, Southwest 160th Street, Miami, FL, USA
“Don’t eat from this place I eat from there on May 23, 2019, I started feeling sick immediately after I ate the food at work for days and still feeling sick right now today is May 27, 2019. I order some Brown stew chicken and rice with peas after eating the food I noticed right away like they put some form of Chemical in my food. My throat and head started feel strange this happened Thursday evening on my way to work I called to order some brown stew chicken I make the cashier aware of my last order that was couple days before. I order the same thing and it was mostly bones in my plate not much chicken meat. So I asked her kindly to let them know not do the sameghing, I have the rights because I am spending my hard earn money and know what I want. I am planning an going to the doctor but I am trying to see if I feel better but if I don’t by Tuesday I will go to the doctor and call my family in Atlanta and let them now please every one Be Careful of this Restaurant. May 27, 2019 my throat stay hurting my head on the left side just feels strange and hurting none stop now also I am noticing yesterday and today blurry ness with my eyes that NEVER happen to me this is serious I want to report this and for this to the investigatees by the food administration department.”
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