Wendy's, 2930 N Mason Rd, Katy, TX, United States

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
North Mason Road, Katy, 77449 Texas, United States
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Wendy's, 2930 N Mason Rd, Katy, TX, United States
“On January 4th 2018 around midnight I ordered a large baconator fries heavy with raw bacon and undercooked fries. The fallow morning I had a heavy onset of constipation and agonizing cramps. Few hours after reporting to work I was hit with pain a stabbing feeling in my lower ribcage. After attempting to run a lathe for a few hours I decided to report my problem to a supervisor after repeated attampts to go to the bathroom was unsuccessful. I was being hit with the urge to vomit repeatedly without success. Around 7pm I made the bold decision to drive home. On the commute I was hit with repeated vertigo and cramps on my lower left side, I decided to commute down the tollway because I felt that was not able to repeatedly hit the brakes during traffic hour. I pulled over once attempted to throw up with no prevail. After getting home I immediately retreated to my bed and rolled around for what felt like hours. I attempted several treatments such as drinking Gatorade and Alka-Seltzer which just increase the pain. Around 1 a.m. I successfully went to the bathroom and what I can only describe is one of the most horrific bowel movements I have ever experienced in my life. It is four it is 6 o'clock right now soaking in my upstairs bathtub unable to move writing this. It is easy to drain the water when I have a bowel movement then to try to move out of the bathtub to the toilet to make stool. I'm currently experiencing extreme fever and heavy nausea that simply will not go away, there's a strong possibility and I might report myself to a local ER and a couple of hours.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting
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