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Bowl Food Poisoning


You can get food poisoning from mixed bowl meals. Bowls are typically meals with raw and cooked ingredients added together. Raw ingredients such as vegetables are added to a base of grains and protein. These separate ingredients each have a chance to be mishandled leading to food poisoning.

WaBa Grill, Washington Blvd, Santa Fe Springs, CA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Vomiting
“Ordered steak bowl and dumplings on 7/21/20 on a late evening.
That night omitted so bad and didn't go to work. ”
Reported By User

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Cobb Parkway Southeast, Atlanta, GA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Stomach Pain
“Ate the chicken bowl with rice and black beans. Also got chips (they were cold and stale). Within one hour while at grocery store felt like a nuclear bomb was going off in my stomach. 30 minutes later I was having terrible diarrhea. Stomach pain and diarrhea has been constant... See More for 22 hours now. The food is good but there's honestly no point risking eating here when the food handling and safety is so consistently terrible. Plus it's overpriced anyway.
Reported By User

PANANGO!, 720 N State St, Chicago, IL, USA

Type: Report
“Report date: Jul 16, 2020
16. Food-contact surfaces: cleaned & sanitized
- comments: observed heavy build up of black slime throughout interior of ice machine used to produce ice coming in direct contact with raw proteins. Instructed to clean, sanitize, burn 3 loads of ice, and maintain free of slime.... See More Priority foundation violation 7-38-005. Citation issued.

47. Food & non-food contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed & used
- comments: observed one cutting board along main hot line in rear prep area covered in deep grooves. Instructed to repair or replace and maintain smooth, cleanable surfaces.

51. Plumbing installed; proper backflow devices
- comments: observed 2 of the 4 washbowl sinks located in restroom area maintaining low water pressure. Instructed to repair and maintain so that adequate water pressure is available when all washbowl sinks are in use.

54. Garbage & refuse properly disposed; facilities maintained
- comments: observed large amount of flies in dumpster located in rear loading dock area. Instructed to power wash dumpster to maintain a pest free environment.

58. Allergen training as required
- comments: observed no allergen training on site at time of inspection. Instructed all employees holding a city of chicago foodservice manager certificate must complete allergen training and maintain record thereof on site at all times.

Reported By User

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl Sausage, Walmart Supercenter, 3551 N Ridge Rd E, Ashtabula, OH 44004, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Fever Other Cramps Weakness Dizziness Chills
“Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl Sausage gravy over biscuits woke up feeling great at that for breakfast about 1 hour and 30 minutes later I felt very nauseated dizziness and serve stomach burning and cramping I had explosive diarrhea and vomiting for 3 hours straight stomach eventually settled down now just... See More weak and tired ate toast and drank water and so far holding it down but stomach pretty bubbly now. Hope I feel better tomorrow also got chills for the first 3 hours to no fever! I purchased it on July 20th 2020.
Reported By User

Chipotle Mexican Grill, East Bay Drive, Clearwater, FL, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Cramps
Veggie burrito bowl, and immediately had bad stomach cramps and nausea ”
Reported By User

KFC Crawley, High Street, Crawley, UK

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Fever Vomiting Cramps
“Food poisoning just myself had it my wife had chinese and she is fine. Dihoria the next morning, escalating to crippling stomach/bowl cramps so painful it made me nauseous, fever 3 days later still have the cramps and slight fever ”
Reported By User

Hog Island Larkspur, Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur, CA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“My first time to this restaurant. I ordered a shrimp Po boy took one bite something tasted sour so I chose not to eat it and then share a bowl of clam chowder and also had four barbecued oysters Within two hours of getting home I woke up from a... See More nap more nauseous than Ever immediately going into the bathroom proceeding to vomit for upwards of two hours worst food poisoning by far unfortunately are carried out into the next day Can’t hold down food or liquids without continuing to get sick
Reported By User

Chipotle Mexican Grill, South Waukegan Road, Waukegan, IL, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Nausea
“My brother went to there yesterday 7/17/2020, he witnessed employees not wearing their face masks while cooking food. After he ordered food he noticed mouse droppings on one of his chips. He ordered a chicken bowl and some chips. He started to feel nauseas after he saw the mouse droppings... See More and immediately stopped eating his food.
Reported By User

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Campus Drive, Irvine, CA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“On July 12th 2020, I went into this location at approximately 3:15 pm. I ordered the steak bowl. I came home, ate the bowl and within six hours I was vomiting like crazy. I then had diarrhea for four straight days vomiting on and off. I was in the emergency... See More room on three different occasions. Today is July 18, 2020 and I’m finally feeling a little better. I plan to take full action against them.
Reported By User

QDOBA Mexican Eats, West Main Street, Gaylord, MI, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Chills Sweating
“Stopped on the way home from the UP around 2pm on 7/17. Had a taco salad bowl, no meat - just beans and veggie, with cheese, corn salsa and sour cream. Immediately after eating it I felt kind of weird, but figured it was from camping for several days and... See More transitioning back to fast food. Switched who was driving with my husband and took a nap. At 11pm I started feeling sick so I popped a few tums. From 11:30pm-2am I was violently ill. I haven’t been that ill since I was a kid. I was actually scared my husband was going to have to take me to urgent care because I was nonstop throwing up and diarrhea for 2.5 hours. Afterwards I had the chills and sweats on and off for an hour. It was DEFINITELY food poisoning. That’s the last time I’ll ever eat here. There are other reviews on this site talking about the same location too!
Reported By User

Recent Interesting Reports

Saigon Asian Bistro, Neverland Drive, Lewis Center, OH, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Fever Chills Stomach Pain Body Ache
“My teenage daughter and I got very sick from the shrimp there. We both had fever, chills, body aches, diarrhea, stomach pain so severe that our individual doctors sent each of us separately to the hospital. We both tested positive for Campylobacter. We are both on an antibiotic. ”
Reported By User
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KFC Hawera Regent Street, Hawera, New Zealand

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Nausea Vomiting
“I think it was chicken nuggets 1 so far he ate at 5 pm last night. No one else is sick yet and my son is only person that ate the nuggets I think ”
Reported By User

Tim Hortons, 2075 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto, ON, Canada

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Nausea Stomach Pain
“Order an ice-coffee with almond milk no sugar after drinking it I had SHARP pains striking in my abdominal areas in the center. I was in so much pain I couldn’t lay down so I took my bra off and to message under my bust/upper stomach and sit on the... See More toilet. The worst pain as if something was tearing me apart inside. Went away after an hour so scary & painful!!!!
Reported By User

Kroger, Covington Highway, Lithonia, GA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Nausea Vomiting Headache
“A couple hours after eating the Italian sausage I got the worst migraine headache. I was nauseous and threw up. ”
Reported By User

McKay's Market #4, 10th Street Southeast, Bandon, OR, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Nausea Vomiting
“Amy’s pesto tortellini  30 min after eating it, I started vomiting. It continued for at least 2-3 hrs. until I finally left bathroom & fell asleep on bed.  ”
Reported By User

Nando's Birmingham - Resorts World, Pendigo Way, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1PU, United Kingdom

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Vomiting Flatulence
“The day after eating there. (9pm). My stomach was background rumbling and very odd smelling flatulence. On the other hand while visiting the caravan show my wife took a turn for the worse. Violent sickness and diarrhoea incapacitated her for two days. The entire episode lasted more than a week.... See More We ate at around 9pm. My symptoms started about 6am following morning. My wife said she didn't feel right but we will go to the NECC. Within an hour of arriving the colour had drained from my wife's face. We had to leave the arena quick for our hotel
Reported By User

Huddle House, U.S. 431, Roanoke, Alabama, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“We were eating lunch and my boyfriend ordered the loaded hashbrowns with 2 eggs over easy and while eating he said the hashbrowns tasted soured. Upon leaving the place on our drive home he said he's feeling like vomiting. I had to pull over and he hung himself out the... See More door and vomited. Before we got home he took 2 pepto bismol tablets and 15 minutes later 2 more. Upon arrival at home he vomited again and is still not feeling better. Feels very sick.
Reported By User

Hoptinger Bier Garden & Sausage House, Park Street, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Cramps Headache Chills Stomach Pain
“I really hadn’t eaten all day, at least not a full meal. At approximately 7 pm, we ordered their pretzels with beer cheese appetizer and almost immediately after eating, I began experiencing literal pain in my stomach. Then nausea. It left me unable to eat the meal I ordered. The... See More next morning, approximately 8 am, I woke up with severe stomach pain and cramping, nausea, diarrhea, chills and headache.
Reported By User

Panda Express, East Grand Avenue, Arroyo Grande, CA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Other Cramps Bloating Body Ache Gas
“I order a plate, and got half noodles, half fried rice, Kung pao chicken and orange chicken. I started to get very bloated and gassy about 30 min after eating. I was jolted out of bed at 3am, (5-6 hours after eating) with the urgent need to use the bathroom.... See More I had water red diarrhea and have been doubled over for the past 24 hours with body aches, cramps, constant bowl spasms, diarrhea and some vomiting.
Reported By User

Fratelli's Pizzeria & Cafe, Stelton Road, Piscataway, NJ, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Nausea Vomiting Other
“Burnt chicken fingers fried in bad oil, also the fries were barely cooked and super mushy. The oil was also too used and bad tasting. Just myself. And after eating maybe 2 bites I immediately felt sick. I vomited for 10 minutes and then vomited again 20 minutes later. My... See More stomach feels gross of the burnt chicken and bad fries. I feel so gross my body has been shaking. 
Reported By User

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