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Product: Ginger


Persis Indian Grill, Parkside Main Street, Cary, NC, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Fever Chills
“For Mother’s Day we did takeout of all my favorites, eating around 8:15pm. I ate a little of each and the rest is in the fridge: Tandoori Aloo Paratha
Peshwari Naan
Butter Chicken
Vegetable Samosa
Onion Pakora
Tamarind dip
Mint dip
Mango Lassi
I had trouble getting to sleep,... See More then woke up after a few hours and was awake for an hour around 7am, with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. I also either had a lot of stress-induced hot flashes, or mild fever and chills. Then I fell in bed and slept past noon. Now, temp is normal, oxygen sat normal, I feel fine, and ginger ale tastes good. Hubby shared aloo paratha and rice and feels fine.
Reported By User

Costco Fountain Valley, Newhope Street, Fountain Valley, CA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Nausea Vomiting
“I ordered 2 hotdogs since all they had for food items was pizza or hotdog around 1pm. I ate one hotdog and felt fine. I left the other hotdog in the fridge to eat later. I ate the second hotdog around 5pm. It is now 10pm when I started having... See More nausea and almost vomitted. I kept burping with a taste of the hotdog. Never had this issue happen before and not sure if its just the new narrow menu and staff issues. Made ginger tea (fresh ginger boiled with water) and it helped with the nausea.
Reported By User

Raw Seafoods, Inc Ginger Salmon Oven Safe Meal and Salmon Teriyaki Oven Safe Meal - recalled due to Undeclared wheat

Type: Recall
“Company name: Raw Seafoods, Inc
Brand name: Wegmans
Product recalled: Ginger Salmon Oven Safe Meal and Salmon Teriyaki Oven Safe Meal
Reason of the recall: Undeclared wheat
FDA Recall date: March 16, 2020
Recall details: Raw Seafoods, Inc is initiating a limited voluntary recall of the following products:

Product Name... See More and PLU Code Code on Packaging Best By Date
Wegmans Ginger Salmon, Oven Safe - 6474. Code on Packaging: 7608 / 7659 Best By Date: 01/23/2021. | 02/13/2021
Wegmans Salmon Teriyaki, Oven Safe - 6408. Code on Packaging: 7688 / 7692 Best by date: 02/24/2021 |

This recall is due to an undeclared wheat allergen in Wegmans branded Ginger Salmon Oven Safe Meal and Salmon Teriyaki Oven Safe Meal, which was manufactured by Raw Seafoods, Inc. for Wegmans. No illnesses or allergic reactions have been reported at this time. However, people who have an allergy to wheat may have a serious allergic reaction if they consume these products or products containing a wheat allergen.
The recalled product was distributed to Wegmans stores in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.
Only Wegmans Oven Safe Meals with the specific product codes and best by dates listed above are impacted, and no other Raw Seafoods or Wegmans Brand items. The product code and best by date are listed in the bottom right corner on the front facing label.
Check the full recall details on
Source: FDA

Daily Harvest Smoothie, Orlando, FL, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Vomiting Stomach Pain
“I was so excited to try my first their Smoothie (I ordered 24!) I had it for a late lunch on a pretty empty stomach around 4pm. As I was making dinner I had to lay down because my stomach hurt. About two hours later I tried to drink some... See More ginger ale and about
two of dry rice krispies ... it immediately all came up. Not too excited to try another one.
Reported By User

Quik Chik - Hamilton, Main Street West, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Other
“Yesterday I ordered a chicken meal from there and within an 1hr to 2hrs of eating I started getting really bad cramps, like so bad, and then I ran to the bathroom and I projectile threw up into the tub, a lot, a lot. It was all chicken. I came... See More back and laid down around 30min and felt a bit better but then again had to run to the bathroom and I had diarrhea, it was pretty bad too, then the cramps subsided a bit, but now my muscles around my belly feel so tight, I can't eat I've just been drinking ginger ale. This morning I threw up again, I can't have water or food, the only I was holding up was ginger ale and now it came back. This definitely feels like food poisoning, I've had it in the past
Reported By User

Target Grocery, Brandermill Boulevard, Gambrills, MD, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Nausea
Chicken Pot Pie Cooked in oven & ate at 3:00pm with Ginger Ale/OJ drink. Nausea started around 11pm. Gas started shortly thereafter. By 11:30pm, I couldn’t get out of the bathroom for more than 5 minutes. Lasted about 2 hours. Took 3 Tums for nausea. I’m convinced this is the... See More only reason I didn’t vomit. Next day, woke with nausea & there were three more extended visits to the toilet. Diarrhea finally stopped around 3pm but nausea started up again. 24 hours later & Marie is now an unwanted houseguest.
Reported By User
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Starbucks, 1714 Lee Victory Pkwy, Smyrna, TN, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Nausea Cramps
“My husband and I had beverages around 2 pm: He had a triple vente mocha (hot) and I had a tall pineapple ginger (cold) and we have both become violently sick with terrible stomach cramps, diarrhea and nausea. ”
Reported By User
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Panda Express, Food Court, Tapo Canyon Road, Simi Valley, CA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Other Cramps Dehydration Chills Sweating
“3/11/2020 @ approximately 6:00pm
Ordered a medium a la carte box of Honey Walnut Shrimp.
Within an hour after eating, I began feeling nauseas. I tried to calm my stomach with a bit of ginger ale. That was unsuccessful.
Within the next hour I developed horrendous abdominal cramping. About 30... See More minutes later the violent vomiting began; followed by diarrhea, chills, sweating, clammy, shaking and overall feeling terrible... still, but now there is the dry heaving to replace vomiting since everything has already been expelled.
More than 9 hours of this misery so far. I'm's after 3:30 in the morning & I am not able to sleep a wink. I'll be heading over to the ER soon; I'm dehydrated from being unable to keep any liquids down.
Reported By User

Pizzaville, Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Cramps
“Went to a pizza store ordered a slice waited..took a bite and it tasted funny.. it was discolored..I told the guy there and he gave me attitude..looked at all pizza slices behind glass they were all was like a contest with them.. Big Deal with attitude..went home pissed out... See More had Abdominal cramps then Diarrhea came upon me.. had some ginger ale ..waited ..then had hot water in a cup..did not finish the pizza at all. It started when I got home .. I felt tired went to sleep so I can relax..then the abdominal cramps were settling in.. went to the bathroom for about half hour
Reported By User

Walmart Supercenter, South Wayside Drive, Houston, TX, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Nausea Vomiting Dehydration Headache Weakness Dizziness Lightheaded
“Black grapes  I ate an handful of grapes, started feeling nausea shortly after consuming, certainly within a couple of hours, if not sooner. I vomited within 3 hours. I ate the grapes again, not knowing it was the grapes that caused the nausea and vomiting. I ate a lunch sized... See More portion around 1pm. That was all I had for break and lunch. I began feeling nausea within the hour and vomiting occurred the first time at 4:07pm. It continued throughout the entire night. The last vomiting occurred at 1:38am, however, the nausea continued into the wee mornings. I couldn’t hold any fluids down, and I was vomiting continuously.  Could not participate in any activity during this time. I experienced dizziness, headaches and lightheadedness. I had no control of the vomiting, I vomited on myself and in my shower when I was trying to rinse off. I tried ginger and lemon tea, that also came up. I am extremely dehydrated and weak and it has been 25 hours since I last had the grapes
Reported By User
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Recent Interesting Reports

Trader Joe's, Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Diarrhea
“Since November 2019 I've noticed diarrhea type 6 on Bristol Stool Scale whenever eating their Bagged Southwest Chopped Salad. ”
Reported By User

King Taco # 2, East 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Cramps
“I had 1 sope and 2 carne asada tacos with green sauce. I'm the only one who ate. Symptoms started about 3 hours later for 12 hours now and going.. ”
Reported By User

Taco Bell, West 4th Street, Reno, NV, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Stomach Pain
“I ate a shredded chicken burrito and a steak casadilla for dinner and woke up the next morning with unimaginable stomach pain and diarrhea. I almost passed out from it so I took some ibuprofen and that helped. The next morning same thing. I am never eating there again. I’m... See More convinced they don’t use actual food.
Reported By User

KFC Crewe, Richard Moon Street, Crewe, UK

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Nausea Vomiting
“Had a delivery on 16/5/20 around 1845-1900. Ordered a boneless banquet meal for my wife and a mighty bucket for one for myself plus some hot wings on the side. I woke up around 0230 feeling extremely nauseaus and had to go and throw up twice, I managed to get... See More back to sleep but have awoken to the same nausea from earlier and have had diarrhea and my stomach just feels like it's going around in circles. I'm putting it down to the chicken thigh or drum on the bone that was in my meal. My wife is completely fine.
Reported By User

In-N-Out Burger, Sand Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Nausea Other
“Went with my wife and her friends there and grabbed some burgers. As soon as we got home after eating in the parking lot. Me and my wife instantly had stomach issues. I eat a 90% healthy 10% junk food diet so I am pretty aware of what I’m eating... See More and consuming. The date was May 23 2020 at around 7:00pm
Reported By User

Little Caesars Pizza, Dayton Pike, Soddy-Daisy, TN, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Other Stomach Pain
“I stopped and bought a pizza there. I noticed the pizza has very little cheese on it and it looked old. I ate 4 slices and the last two were bought to chew. My stomach puffed out and it is irritated ,puffy, larger uncomfortable.I think I got poisoned , don't... See More know what, smelled like glue the next day. I immediately got sick next day after eating 4 slices if the $5.00 fast pick up pepperoni pizza.
Reported By User

Fuji Asian Food Express, New Garden Road, Greensboro, NC, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Nausea Vomiting
“I ordered Hibachi Salmon from there around 8 last night. I was cautious and vomiting at 1:30 a.m. 1 person. About 6 hours ”
Reported By User

Dominick's Pizza Restaurant, Easton Road, Plumsteadville, PA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“I ordered the chicken parm dinner and thought it smelled weird. Like as if it had gone bad. After a few bites I knew something was wrong with it and threw it away. I felt nauseous almost immediately and within two hours I started with the diarrhea. Between 6 and... See More 12 hours later I started to throw up. I feel awful and all I really ate yesterday was the chicken parm.
Reported By User

Walmart Neighborhood Market, Aldine Westfield Road, Spring, TX, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Bloating Gas
“I think it was great value frozen corn Had dinner at 5:30. Corn, sweet potatoe, turkey burger and canned green beans. Had painful abdominal gas, bloating and then diarrhea. This corn had made me sick about a week ago too. After an hour , I was fine again. ”
Reported By User

CookUnity, West 50th Street, New York, NY, USA

Type: Poisoned
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Loss of Appetite
“Order 8 meals, first one was the red curry. Started having extreme abdominal pain followed with hours of diarrhea and vomiting. Nausea and loss of appetite and swollen abdomen continued for days after. ”
Reported By User
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