Hy-Vee, Midtown Road, Peru, Illinois, USA

Poisoned 2 weeks ago
Midtown Road, Peru, 61354 Illinois, United States
Hy-Vee, Midtown Road, Peru, Illinois, USA
“ It’s not my loved one it’s me I ate your garden salad that I bought on June 11 what do I do I have nausea and belching Bought the garden salad on June 11th open bag ate a bowl. Next day it was weird the salad was brown on edges cut some off ate a little then  threw it away. Who’s gonna call them and tell him that it was bad the next day I don’t remember the expiration date but I know it  it was To last be on June 11 because I checked that before I purchased it anyway I was going to call Ivy to tell them how bad it was but I only paid $1.58 said that I’m not gonna call for that”
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