Panda Express, Augusta, GA, United States Food Poisoning

Poisoned 1 year ago
255 Robert C Daniel Junior Parkway, Augusta, 30909 Georgia, United States
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“Good day. I've visited many PE locations and was working hard not to totally agree with my wife in her option that the Augusta location seems a bit substandard. Well, this weekend's experience convinced me for sure.

Leading up this experience, issues such as the quality and taste of the food, and things like being charged .80 extra for brown rice were of concern. This weekend, however, made it hard to imagine when I'll be going back to the PE in Augusta.

Having had an extremely busy week and weekend, and with the wife being out of town, I was looking for a break from preparing meals and decided to treat myself to PE. I ordered the Bigger Plate w/brown rice and mixed veggies, along with the sesame chicken, sweetfire chicken, and honey walnut shrimp via the website, and really looked forward to enjoying my meal.

In short, when I arrive home I found the meal to be unappealing and lacking full flavor. It was late in the evening when I ordered, at it seems as though the food was not as fresh as it should have been. The veggies were 95% broccoli, and the rest of the food, in my opinion, was like the last ditch effort to get something out the door maybe before closing. The worst part is that not only could I not eat much of the food, I've been feeling ill since not long after eating what I could manage to eat. I had to leave work early today and only found the muster to write this letter after resting for a few hours.

I'm hoping to feel better soon but am now convinced to, at least temporarily, nixed PE from my list of places to visit.

Thank you for your time and consideration.”
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