Starbucks, Sonora CA

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Sonora, 95370 California, United States
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Starbucks, Sonora CA
“Eating a pre-made roast chucken and slaw sandwich from Starbucks. It was monday July 10, 2017 around noon or a little later. I hadent eaten anythin that day because i had a chest scan in the morning and then went on to do some errands. The only thing i had to drink was water. I felt fine but got hungry since i missed breakfast. So, i went to Starbucks where i normally have turkey bacon and egg white sandwich. Because it was around noon i ordered a pre-made chicken and slaw sandwich with sliced apples and raw carrots. It was about 1 pm. About 4:30 or so my stomach stared feeling queezy but i thought it was only hunger pains. The pain kept getting worse and by 6 pm i had my first of several bouts of diarrhea. I couldnt eat and was up all night long. From the time i had tge chucken sanwich I only drank water and ate nothing. The next day, Tuesday, the symptoms persisted and I was getting weak from not eating. I did maintain my hydration however. I called the doctir the next day, Wednesday, and went to see him for a brief visit. He asked me several questions and then said that i had obviously eaten some bad food and that I would get better. He put me on the BRAT diet and said to stay hydrated. However the symtoms have persisted but improved. It is now a full 4 days and im still have infrequent bouts of stomach cramps and diarrhea. So, I believe I have Salmonella poisoning whuch can last from 5 to 7 days. The biggest worry is that it may cause a certain type of arthritis and the stomach problems could persist for weeks or months according to on line descriptions of salmonella poisoning.”
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