Burger King, 2045 Burnt Mills Road, Bedminster Township, NJ, United States Food Poisoning

Poisoned 1 year ago
2045 Burnt Mills Road, Bedminster Township, 07921 New Jersey, United States
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“When: August 2017 What: french toast sticks, pancakes, hashbrowns, orange juice, 10 piece nuggets, fries, oreo shake, crispy chicken, sprite.
After eating these items throughout August and September I became very, very, ill. I felt queasy, nausea, overnight and the next morning when I woke to go to work, I could hardly get out of bed. I had massive diarrhea that morning but still made it to work feeling very nauseaous, queasy, elevated temperature and sweating. around 3:00 pm while at work I vomited. I know of others who can not eat from Burger King because of the same sickening experiences. We do not know what foul, disgusting, and inedible to human beings ingredients goes into foods at Burger Kings but it should be investigated immediately before someone dies. Which is what it feels like when you get sick from eating at a Burger King. Food for thought, take notice of the parking lot when PASSING any BK you'll only see 2-5 cars if any and 2 of those cars belong to the employees. I will never eat anything from any BK ever again!!!!!!!!!”
Reported By Iwaspoisoned.com User
1 person had — nausea and vomiting