K&W Cafeterias, Pineville-Matthews Road, Pineville, NC, USA


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May 30 11:17pm

K&W Cafeterias, Inc., Jake Alexander Boulevard West, Salisbury, NC, USA

Symptoms: Nausea

Report Type: Food Poisoning


We ate at this restaurant and within about an hour each family member had queasiness in or stomachs. We were nauseous and began to have foul smelling indigestion. We also had little vomiting. Hours later and the queasiness is still present. Not sure what happen, but we had the Rice plus gravy, macaroni and cheese, Salmon patty. The macaroni did taste a little funny so we didn’t eat all of it and the Salmon was a little funny tasting too. Not sure but the gravy or Rice had a small weird taste. I’m thinking the food may get have been somewhat spoiled. Read More