Victory's Cafe, East Craig Road, North Las Vegas, NV, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
East Craig Road, North Las Vegas, 89030 Nevada, United States
Victory's Cafe, East Craig Road, North Las Vegas, NV, USA
“I ordered some sort of burger called Frisco something and a milkshake. I got the milkshake first and was excited because I don’t normally do sugar. The first sip of the milkshake was room temperature and I was like wait did I order chocolate milk. I stirred the drink and drank more and it was still very liquify. Tasted like chocolate milk. I didn’t drink the rest. By the end of my meal the shake looked disgusting.

Now the kicker was the sandwich. It was some sort of beef I don’t remember exactly what it said, avocado and Swiss cheese. The first sandwich they brought me looked bad and I was surprised to see that the “avocado” looked like bagged guacamole and to be honest it didn’t look appetizing. But I was hungry and didn’t want to make a huge deal. A few bites in i look at it and it’s pink when I asked for it to be well done. I have the waiter take it back which he happily does bc he remembered me asking and brings me a new sandwich. The next sandwich looks a lot better. But the taste just wasn’t good. Like the meat wasn’t seasoned and the packaged guacamole was not helping. The waiter came by again asked me how it was and I told him I didn’t really like it he offered to make me a new one but at that point I was full off of French fries and water. So he noticed I only took a bite and offered to just take the plate and take it off my bill. I was happy with that. And he also brought me a plate of fresh new fries on the house. I was already full but stayed and ate some of the fries and drank water. The third batch of fries were the best. And the waiter was very friendly which is the only reason I gave 2 stars.

After leaving I felt nauseous and bloated event though I didn’t eat much and it’s now been 6 hours and I still feel nauseous.”
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